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A Few Words From VIPS

 We take our work very seriously conducting investigations to the best of our abilities in the most productive way we know how.Through scientific technology,we hope to provide hard evidence of the supernatural or discover any man made or natural causes to explain the event you are experencing.We will never charge a fee for our services and depend on generous donations from the public for our existence.

Don Ford Director,Founder VIPS

We are not alone and for that reason I founded this Team to investigate the Paranormal and seek the truth to the question is there life after death. Do our energies survive and continue on here when our bodies die, can we communicate with the dead and if we can what can they tell us .So many questions I need answers to about the here after.We are professional and discrete a non for profit organization.
A Paranormal Team of Researchers seeking out evidence and providing help to all in need.Open,honest,integrity,and character.Get Real and learn the truth with us we use technical equipment to record all evidence to show what is or isnt Paranormal 85 % of haunting can be explained by man made the other is what we are looking for.So if you feel that there is something  strange and unusual in your life and are tired of it ,let us help.After all what do you have to lose,peace of mind.

If we open our eyes, we will see. If we listen close, we shall hear. But if we open our hearts and minds, we may finally understand!Follow our Voyage into the Paranormal as we do it The Texas Way.

VIPS we go all night long in the Dark!

Thanks for stoping in and visiting awhile come back now ya hear.   Don

Eddie Investigator

Alan Smith-Tech.Manager/Investigator

Tobbie Smith Historian/Investigator

Arianna Ford/ Jr.Investigator

She says she is waiting to see the real deal.

Jon Melton/EVP Tech.

PhotobucketHello can you here me ?If you listen close maybe you can Open you're mind to the unexplained.We are not alone they are every where.

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