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Podcast VIPS Proudly Presents "Prove It"

Contact us if you have evidence you would like us to evaluate and give substance to we will have people in the Paranormal field review all evidence -Video-Audio-Picture- anything you would have us look at This is the Proving Grounds.

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New Ohio Chapter of VIPS

The Team is in the early stage of being formed and is taking on team members applications right now.

The Leader of this Team is world famous Chuck Manning of GPN/Haunted Like Me/APA Fame is looking for a few good people who want to make a difference in the field of the Paranormal Apply now Contact Us for more info.

From the Office of Voyage Into Paranoramal Society


The VIPS takes an objective,scientific assisted and empirically driven look at reported events with a view toward proving a hoax,looking for natural causes or analyzing the unexplained aspects.With the hope of finding the truth wither its natural,manmade or a true paranormal phenomena.

While VIPS has been in operation for a number of years, it has a traditionally preferred to remain low profile usually all the details about our cases, locations of investigations and research along with identities of clients and people involved are strictly confidential, reasons are that it is our protical and the respect of those who have been affected by these events or incidents during our research.

Now is the time to unite and bring together other research teams and make strides in the paranormal field and bring a professionalisum to the field .The APA will be a building block for this and so much more .

                                                                         Don Ford    -   VIPS Founder

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