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 Words of Encourgement from Texas Premier Research Team VIPS

We take our work very seriously conducting investigations to the best of our abilities in the most productive way we know how. Through Scientific technology ,we hope to provide hard evidence of the supernatural or discover any man made or natural causes of the phenomana you maybe experencing.We do not charge a fee for our services and depend on Generous Donations from the public for our continued Existence.Remember you are not alone a phone call to us and help is on its way.

Thank You

 Don Ford

 VIPS Founder


We can consult by phone,email,or a meeting in person in a public place or at the site thats in question.Most "paranormal activity" can be explained by natural causes.When you contact us we will listen to your cocerns and advise you to what you may do accordingly.From this we can go over How to keep a n event log to documentation what you are experiencing .VIPS is here to assist you in finding the answers you need.

Support Group

Gain the support from others who have or are experiencing the same type of "paranormal activity"that you are .This group can help with your peace of mind,sharing stories with others will ease your own fears and knowing that you are not alone can be a blessing.Contact us and remember we are here for you.



VIPS is here for our community we are more then happy to come and speak at your public or private functions.We believe in educating the community on investigations techniques,the paranormal,evidence,and equipment.We welcome any all questions and will provide your people with logical answers.Our Team is there for you just call, or email us.


VIPS investigates private residence or bussiness locations.We are professional and discrete we interview all parties involed to get the overall picture.Then our team will set up equipment throughout the location to help us gather the scientific evidence and information on the enviroment.We will take still photos,audio recordings,along with video recordings . Depending on the size of site should take anywhere between 4-6 hours .

We will determine whether you have a haunting or if the activity you are experiencing has an natural cause.VIPS believes that 85-90 %of all activity can be explained by natural causes,and our staff will attempt to ease your mind and fears . All information will remain confidental,by request to protect the owners and property.We will provide you with a historical background check and a history of the location and a copy of all evidence collected.And if you ever need us we are only a phone call away and will be there for you and if you need us to return we are there. We are a non for profit organization.This is all free of charge to you our clients.


                                          "Paranormal Groups should Unite and be there for all "

VIPS is a group of Paranormal Rsearch Investigators whose goals are Exellance-Character-Integrity-Open-Honesty- to provide Understanding-Assistence-Help to all in NEED. Communication is the light at the end of the tunnel.It is our belief that a open,combined effort is the greatist tool that the Paranormal field needs to do to further our goals and find the answers we all seek.The Paranormal Realm is a vast expanse that needs total open and honest Unity to Reach out and help all find out is there LIFE after DEATH?

                                Remember You Are Not ALONE

People who claim that they have seen a ghost are not taken seriously and are usually left alone to wonder if they are going crazy.Experiencing strange events or do you think you are haunted .Let us assure you that you are not alone there are many individuals,here willing to share their own experience just like youres.Sharing your home or place of business with an entity is a very terrifing ordeal and not knowing what to do can put a very high strain on your life and family.Rest assured you are not alone and that the events you are dealing with may have a logical explanations.There are steps you can take to find peace of mind and the frist is call us.

Gain peace of mind call our 24 Hour Hotline 972-704-5310 If you just want to talk we are here for you!

                          CALL OUR 24 HOUR HOTLINE (972)704-5310

                                                                 EMAIL US


If you have any questions or concerns, need advice, wish to apply for membership, would like to be so generous to make a donation, or would like VIPS to investigate your property, please don't hesitate to email or call us. Also, if you wish to send us your videos, audio recordings and share your paranormal stories, we will be sure to review them and very possibly post them on our site. Your findings are just as valuable as ours.Send any and all information to attn.Don or call our 24 HOTLINE 972-704-5310 . Registered & Protected


VIPS disclaimer:

Views,Comments and Advice from its members without the Express written consent of VIPS Management/Founder is strictly prohibited:And is in no way Respoincable for any acts committed by someone because of such actions.

Don Ford

VIPS Founder/Director

Do you have a haunted item?

if you have an item that you believe that is haunted or cursed contact our hotline we will take care of it for you.