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Interested in becoming a Team Member of Voyage Into Paranormal Society?

The frist requisite is a desire to Research the Paranormal and the Unexplained."Think Outside the Box"

You must have access to,or be willing to purchase the necessary equipment which includes a digital or 35 mm camera and a video camera preferably with super night-shot capibilites.

In addition you must be willing to comply with the following Guidelines  and Obligations:

1.All members are to adhere to the guidelines  of our code of conduct set forth by V.I.P.S. If you have any specific questions about our guidelines,it is your responsibility to ask someone in authority. Any member who violates theV.I.P.S. protocals,guidelines and or codes of conduct will be subject to immediate dismissal from V.I.P.S. 

2.A written report is expected of all members who attend an investigation. all reports should comply with the report format provided for you, and should be turned in to V.I.P.S.Case Manager within one week following the date of the investigation.

3.All data and evidence collected at an investigation becomes the property of V.I.P.S. This includes,but is not limited to, photos, video recordings, evps, digital recordings, notes etc.

4.V.I.P.S. normally holds one meeting each month in Irving Tx (unless we inform you otherwise) Although meetings are not mandatory, any active member with unexcused absences from 3 consecutive meetings may forfeit their active member status.

5.V.I.P.S. active members are expected to provide sugestions for future investigations, and help set up all investigations with the team, also please provide all information to Director so we can contact all involved with to gain entry to said location for investigation.

6.The name V.I.P.S. or Voyage Into Paranormal Society may not be used by anyone without the express written consent of V.I.P.S. Director of Investigations or the Founder

7. No personel investigations conducted by any members will not be deemed as  a V.I.P.S. function unless :

    a.)The V.I.P.S. Director of Investigations is present at the event or :

    b.)Someone is appointed temporarily by V.I.P.S.:

    c.)The event was orchestrated through V.I.P.S. Director of Investigation or the Founder of V.I.P.S.

8.V.I.P.S. active memberships is a voluntary program.In acceptence of or by maintaining active membership in V.I.P.S. YOU OPENLY AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING:

    a.)V.I.P.S. is a non for profit organization

    b.) V.I.P.S. in not responsible for any injuries you may incur at V.I.P.S.functions and/or investigations.

    c.) Any host or clients permitting access for a investigation by V.I.P.S. are not resposible for any injuries you      may incur while at the location of investigation.

    d.)You as an active member,accept full responsibility for your individual actions  and well being at any V.I.P.S. function or investigations.

    e.)Any equipment checked out by individual during an investigation is responceable for repair or replacement of equipment lost,stolen or damaged while in their possesion.

Don Ford

VIPS Founder / Director

Office of Research Division VIPS

VIPS takes an objective , scientific-assisted and empirically driven look at reported events with a view toward disproving a hoax , looking for natural causes or analyzing the unexplained aspects!With the hope of finding the truth wether it be natura l, man made , or paranormal phenomena.

                                                                                                                     Don Ford

                                                                                                              VIPS Founder / Director

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" Remember To Think Outside The Box- They Are All Around Us"

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  If you have any questions or concerns, need advice, wish to apply for membership, would like to be so generous to make a donation, or would like VIPS to investigate your property, please don't hesitate to email or call us. Also, if you wish to send us your videos, audio recordings and share your paranormal stories, we will be sure to review them and very possibly post them on our site. Your findings are just as valuable as ours.Send any and all information to attn.Don or call our 24 HOTLINE 972-704-5310 .