Paranormal Research

Miss. Molleys Bed and Breakfest Ft.Worth Stockyards fw02   2009

Although people have said to experence full body apperitions the feeling of being watched ,lamps being unpluged and a childs voice being heard the team didnt experence anything other then a few orbs and some cold spots during our nite stay at the B&D.High EMF readings ranging from 6.7-25. millegauss witch is very high and could explain some of the reported visuals they have reported,the housekeeper of the B&D said some of their guest have come out running after their events never to return again.Wish we could have experience something of that type of paranormal activity,maybe next time until then happy hunting everyone.

 McKinney #mk12   2009

Case #Mk12

McKinney Residence:

Clients called in very concerned about a childs safety small boy age 5 playing with unseen friend boy talked about Josh all the time . Parents havent seen anything unusal or heard anything but because of something in one of the parents past are concerned enough to call us in.

Investigation :6 hours of video,evps,ir video evidence was produced nothing out of place .investigators on property none witness or had experence of any type .Will reurn if activity continues and re investigate if need be,we are only a phone call away.

Grand Prairie case# gp13          2009

 Grand Praire  Residence :

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Clients (4) all adults :All reported seeing shadow people in residence on multiple times and different times of the night.The youngest women seen the shadow people on 2 occasions at the foot of her bed .Footsteps, creaking noise on floor, heavy breathing,and whispering but cant understand what was being said.

Investigation:Set up 4 ir cameras,2 recorders,took intial emfs readings norm.6 hours of video,2spikes on emfs 3.5 3.8 several cold spots,no evps ,no video images no photos one team experence raps on walls to answer of questions flashlights turned on to answer do you want us to leave,footsteps heard  in attic once but no concrete evidence to anything Paranormal . Will return to reinvestigate in coming week.

Dallas Apt.Case#d14       2009

Dallas Residence: 

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Clients called in say they seen a partial apparition by bedroom door ,lamps turning off and on a faucet in bathroom comes on by itself Newly Wed couple feel they are being haunted by her father who passed on after they eloped.General feeling of dread and of being watched.

Investigation :High emfs For base 6.8 to 10 Short in ceiling fan,No evps,no video images,no ir images,no photos,the sink had a bad valve and the lamp had a short in wire looked like a small animal had chewed on cord the high emf s could have produce the feeling of dread and of being watched.Only 3 investigators on site.


Sammons Center for the Arts #d15    2009

Dallas Business :                                                                                                                                                                            

Clients said that there were reports voices,footsteps,elevator moving on its on,elevator doors opening on its on and the feeling of being watched.Sammons Center was built in 1909 as a 15 million gallons per day primary pumping station for the city water supply ,this brick industrial building was desighned by Dallas architect C.A.Gill and was last used in the 1930s.It was vacant from 1954 to 1981 at this time was remodeled and open back up it was the frist water pump station in Dallas and is now a Historical Site by both the Dallas and the state of Texas.They said a man had Died in the basement and belived he was still here careing for the station and the people there.Although no evidence was collected about anyones death in the basement we did discover a man murdered on the trutle creek property by the name of Vernon Stewert age 53 on the 3rd of July ,1935.

Investigation:4 story building we placed ir video cameras on each floor covering the areas of reported activity,and took base line readings in emf,temp.and took pictures of areas set voice recorders on the 1st 3rd and 4th floors with a wireless mic.on the 3rd floor to monitor any and all noises. Also placed motion detectors on 1st, 3rd and 4th floors for any movement.We would be locked in the building from 6:00pm until 6:00 am on the next day we had the building all to our Team.So from 6:00 until 8:00pm we placed our equipment out .9:00 went lights out and we started our investigation. All is quiet until 10:22 the elevator goes to 3rd floor everyone is accounted for on 2nd floor Don and Alan walk the 3rd floor taking picts. and emf,temp. all in line with baseline readings.Still no activity at 11:40 left the building to see if we get any activity with us gone.At 12:00 returned inside to check on activity motion detector went off on 4th floor and a temp. drop on 2nd floof 73.6 to43.3 by elevator doors lasting 7-8 seconds rode elevator to 4th floor to check motion detector Don and Eddie nothing amiss all baseline readings the same returned to 2nd floor .

At 12:33 the elevator doors opened open and closed but didnt move from floor unusal because when not in use elevator returns to 1st floor?We put a small hh video camera on elevator it rode the elevator all night only recording nothing except the car being called on 2 different occausions by no one.

1:00 it was reported that Otis liked women over men so I sent team members Heather and Tobbie to the 4th floor and 3rd floor with Eddie to  film .Coldness felt by both women but temp. was 76 degree and said they felt nausea in the 3rd floor conference room also feeling of sadness .

1:15 on the 4th floor tried to do evp nothing heard at the time nothing in photos or on film of video motion detector went off again replaced batteries to be on safe side."EVP was recorded IM here talk to us"

1:40 the team on the way back to 2nd foor heard knocking on elevator floor went back up and down trying to reproduce the noise to no avail couldnt do it.

1:45 sent team of Eddie,Heather,Tobbie and Alan to 4th floor motion detector going off 2 times and went off several times while they were there nothing on ir video,took 23 photos only some orbs showed up by motion detector temperture drop of 9 degrees from 76 to 67 all within a matter of minutes from 1:47- 2:16 am."EVP again no one heard at time" Help Me"

 2:20- 3:00 am ,As sudden as it started ,it ended nothing happening at all calm and very peacefull called it done and over.

Reveal after going over 21 hours of voice recorders over 400 pictures and 40 hours of video we found 2 evps and several photos and no video evidence its hard to say if its haunted but I do beleive that something paranormal is going on at Sammons Center for the Arts in Dallas Texas and would love to return one day and do it again.

You nwill find the Newspaper clippings on the man beaten to death on Trutle Creek Propertybelow.

Dallas Morning Newspaper  Clipings Case#d15


Arlington Residence Case #0016ar     2010

A plea for help on the phone on Dec.12,2009 from a female caller said she was having paranormal activity in her 1 family home. The activity was noises,voices,mist,shadow figure,feelings of being watched and one dog had pasted away with any explanation to why ?On initial interview client was extremley shaken and scared beyond the norm,home was built in 1985 and already had 5 different owners and was within 2 blocks of a cemetery. Because of the intense fear counsulted with other team members and took on the investigation -!st investigation Jan.16-17 2010  finale review after all evidence is log and broken down .

Several personal experences happened being touch and hair being pulled, high emf readings temp drop 9 degrees in less then 15 secs noise captured on camera and voice recorder as well as our medium feeling the presence of several apparations.But nothing harmful just playful and inteligent."So here we go."

We have several unexplained photos and 2 evps from the 60 hours of video 280 photos and 19 hours of voice recording .Our evidence gathered seems to say that there is some type of paranormal occurences happening at the Allison Residence but without further Investigation Im hesitant to say that its haunted.

We hope to go back in the future and do another Investigation there,but for now the clients are at peace with what they have learned and are living with their uninvited guest. So as our Voyage continues down into the Dark Realm of the Paranormal on to the next and Good Hunting.

Dallas Residence Case#0014   2010

A call for help from a client that was legally blind he stated he had heared a conversation between several voices on three different occassions when noone else was around,bumps in the night and an ex girlfriend whos son mite be envolved in satanic religion rites whos father was a well known Black Magic Priest in Mexico City.Client lived alone and seemed to be on edge, initial interview was done over the phone.Nothing to report of site or history of area Papers report nothing on site or area.

Home was a small 2 Bedroom 1bath home located in a nice residence in Dallas, on ether side of home were vacant houses that seemed to be run down large back yard and less then 5 ft between houses.

Initial base readings were all low emf 1.5-2.0 tempt 70.5 humidity 68 clear nite 1/4 moon no rain no wind. Set up 4 IR cameras 2 inside 2 outside 4 voice recorders 2 handheld viedo recorders .during the nite discovered high emf reading on old dictaphone recorder located by clients head beside bed peg emf meter at 150mg this is where he had heard conversations on several occassions located another high emf reading eminating from gas oven in kitchen , the oven is not working and the clock on oven had stop at 3:16 emf 75mg. Noises coming from one of the vacant houses could possible be a vagerant in home could not recieve permission to home to check out.Told client to remove dictaphone and have the power cut from oven. Believe to be problems for client.

No pictures or video , several evps but dont believe to be paranormal in essence .Update: Client called and said he isnt hearing anything now since removing dictaphone and is releaved that all is Quiet . 




Irving Residence Case Fille #I015

Although the Team Had several personal experiences very little evidence was collected. Several light anomilies (orbs) were photographed in stairway and above the fireplace mantel by pictures of client and relitives of hers.

! EVP was recorded By EFP out of context ,no question was asked but its answer was given to a responce to clients action no one was present in side of home when it recorded DID YOU EAT ANYMORE ? At the time our client was eating a piece of cheese cake outside with us this was 2hours and 55 minutes into the investigation.

EMF readings Were norm:.78-1.5 mg

Temperture:78.6 F



Dwelling:Single Family Condo

Age:46 years

 Investigation Time 8:00pm-3:30 am

Team Members:3

Clients Present:Yes 2

Recommandation:We believe that some  kind of activity is present at residence we need to further our research with another Investigation to substantuate our evidence and verify the over all evidence to see the bigger picture.

Lead Investigator notes:Client Presented evidence of a blow to face with Docters File on the hit to her face while was in bed sleeping .Report will be included in final Report and findings.

Don / VIPS