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Paranormal Research Investigations isnt very easy to do.It takes time ,energy,commitment,patience and resources.When it comes to our clients knowing that we helped them with understanding ,assisting in resolve with the event and helping with their return to normal everyday life ,is all we need to know and the only reward we need this is why we do what we do. We would like to sincerely thank each and everyone of our clients for allowing us to be part of you're life and for trusting the team. To put it simpley you are all totally amazing.


To all of you our friends

Thank Ya'll again The VIPS Team


Quotes My local company has been experiencing a lot of unexplained events my employes were reporting strange noises during the night shift between 9:00pm and 6:00am we are closed on saturday and sunday .VIPs came in and ran remote cameras and all type of equipment through out my shops .I remained and watched everything they did all night and Iam totally amazed at the professional attitude and the ability of Don and his team as they explained away all the noises and Ghost activity that my people had reported to be a problem for them .I can say without adoubt that my shops feel safer to me and my people.Peace of mind for us has brought my job completions back to the level it once was . Thanks Again Frank Quotes

Quotes To Don, and associates Thank you for all your support and dedication to my case. Anyone who is having to deal with an evil entity in their home, is a tramatic experience, and Don and his team came to my aid. I as assaulted in my bed. I went to Baylor Hospital. The doctor saw swelling to my nose and face. He ordered a cat scan, and I was diagnosed with a mild concussion to my head, and contussions to my nose and face. That was the last straw! I called don at 4:50am and surprised he answared. I was very upset, and scared that this evil entity, wanted to do serious harm. We talked about my situation, and he was very caring and understanding. He told me that he would come to my house immediatly and do an investigation. I was relieved that I could actually talk to someone who understand my situation. My husband doen't belive in this paranormal activity. I wish the entity would smack him around , and scare him like he has done to me for the last 8 months of hell on earth. Thank you Tammy. Quotes
Tammy VanHorn
Health practitioner

Quotes Thanks Don and all of your team members for giving us the support, and for all the efforts in trying to help us out. The whole team is just GREAT! with lots of equipment, and mainly giving 500% of them to help you out. Very well prepared, lots of knowledge! 5 Stars to all of them. Thanks for helping me trying to understand all what is goin on in my life and for still trying to find the necessary help I need. All my family thank all of you. Many Blessings and lots of white ray lights are being sent to you all to keep you all safe and allowing you to help others like me. Alex Quotes

Quotes Don I know it has been several years now since you investigated my family home but I cant tell you how my family is at peace here and how the ability to come home and relax in serinity compared to before you're team arrived and conducted the investigation .Again THANK YOU so VERY MUCH and we shall always keep you in our prayers.And its nice of you to still call and check on us . Quotes
Elated /Satisfied Customer

Quotes I am not sure if my first testamonial went through. so here it is again. Thanks for getting rid of the mysterious noises and voices that I had been hearing in my home for the last 5 years. I am finally able to sleep all the night through. I was very impressed with the tons of video, audio and sensory equipment your team uses during your investigation. Furthermore, I was also impressed with the professional approach your team takes in conducting your research. Thanks again. Michael Landin Quotes
michael landin
Satisfied Client

Quotes A great job the other night at my place of business,kudos to everyone involved Don you and your team did a fantastic job debunking everything made my employes feel so much better Thanks again > John Quotes
John Martin

Quotes Just want to say thank you to you and your team for the great work you did for me and my peace of mind. I had not been expecting to see so much video, audio and other types of recording equipment and sensors. Furthermore, I was very impressed how professional you and your team executed all of the necessary tasks to conduct your research. I could see you have decades of experience doing this research. Anyway, I am sleeping well every night now. And, there is a calm and relaxed feeling in my home again. Since your investigation and research which you conducted at my home, all of of the mysterious noises, voices, and knocking sounds at 2 and 3 am have gone away. Thanks again. M. L. Quotes

Quotes I am extremely satisfied. Don and his team did a wonderful job! I have been under the weather latly that unfortunatly we could not go any further with the investigation. We discovered many interesting things The Team also caught them on film and on voice recordings. I know i will have you out to my house again to further investigate things I'm uncetain of. Once again Don I thank you and your team so much yall did a wonderful job and made my famly feel at ease with the things going on at my house. I am sure I will see you again. Sincerely the Allison. GO V.I.P.S. Quotes
Happy Clients

Quotes I called VIPS to investigate my home they arrived set up all kinds of equipment and were at my home for several hours and explained everything that was happening there.Iam completely satisfied with their service and would recomend them to anyone who needs help . Thank You Don and all your team members. Mr. Smith Quotes

Quotes It's nice to know that someone else cares about what we have been through and for all the work and hard labor that you and your Team has done we thank you .I wish I could repay you for all that you have done I know just in gas alone you have spent several hundred dollars coming to our home and until I can do better THANK You from the bottom of our Hearts we are a family again and you all are part of our's.Mark ,Joyce, Tina ,Steven Happy New Year Quotes
Mark Hendrick