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Welcome To Voyage Into Paranormal Society

     VIPS                                     About Us:                                                                                                          

     We are team of Paranormal  Research Investigators in D/FW area here to provide Understanding, Assistance, Help to those in need. Right here deep in the heart of Texas. Founded in the year 1997.

We are a non for profit organization our existence depends on donations from the public,our goal is researching .We understand that calling in a team to investigate your property is not an easy thing to do and respect your right to privacy and assure you we will provide that for you.

Mission Statement:

We at Vips take pride in operating  with Character,Integrity,Innovation and passion that is rare in uncommen times.Our goal is to provide the dedication to our field of research and to give help,understanding to all in need.


Our team will use all the newest scientific technoligy to attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity,and keep this documentation confidential ,the images and audio gathered will only be released with the property owners permission.We will not share or publish any of the evidence captured outside our team if this is the desire of the owner.

During this investigation we will try to help you understand the activity that is occuring and assist all involved at the locaton of property with a comfort level of whats happening.We come in and ask questions about what was witnessed and who saw the occurance, time,where,and when.This is our way to bring all information out so we can start our investigation with everything that has occured. When we agree on the terms of  this investigation and only then we shall proceed with the investigation.Audio, Video, motion sensers, hand held equipment along with other devices we will attempt to gather any information .

Following the investigation we gather all evidence and review everything on the wide range of equipment we use .We try to reproduce some of the activity witnessed so we can debunk any natural occurance in an attempt to find good evidence either for or against paranormal activity.After the investigation is complete we will reveal  to our client all evidence gathered and document a copy for the owners as well as our official findings. And as always we shall be here for you at anytime you need us.

We will always be here for our  clients to answer any questions or reinvestigate if need be at a future date and time . We do this for all our Clients Free of Charge .Listed on the bottom of this page is our hot line phone number its answered 24 hours a day .Please call or contact us if we can be of HELP.    

    If we open our eyes, we will see. If we listen close, we shall hear. But if we open our hearts and minds, we may finally understand! 

"Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,however improbable .Must be the Truth."

Sir Arther Conan Doyle

Come with us on our Voyage into the Paranormal the Texas Way.                          

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, need advice, wish to apply for membership, would like to be so generous to make a donation, or would like VIPS to investigate your property, please don't hesitate to email or call us. Also, if you wish to send us your videos, audio recordings and share your paranormal stories, we will be sure to review them and very possibly post them on our site. Your findings are just as valuable as ours.Send any and all information to attn.Don or call our 24 HOTLINE 972-704-5310 .

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                                                                            CALL OUR

                                  24 HOUR HOTLINE Registered & Protected

The field of Paranormal Investigations is populated by Theory,Speculation,and opinoin and not supported by conventional Scientists or by specialised equipment manufacturers.Due to these limitations the VIPS Team as an organization feels they present what our beliefs are based on our equipment, and educated therories, as well our observations of years of Experience and Research.- VIPS is not claiming these beliefs to be fact but our Opinions. ..........Don /VIPS 

All Photos are property of VIPS and copywrite protected (C) 2009


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