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Posted on January 12, 2011 at 4:26 PM

Humans which I dont claim to be ,are an extremely complex bunch.But alas they are also prone to errors such as hallucinations,making mistakes,misinterpataions,being confused,so on etc.So in the skeptics eyes when one of the humans say that they have seen a ghostly shadow or heard a disembody voice when no one else is around,they in turn believe them to be Loco,insane,or on drugs ,hallucinaing.Why because a skeptic is a non believer he immediately assumes this because he can't verify what the individuals have stated. "sound familar"


Now are the ghostly impressions that some of us can sense or a perception of what the gifted or the chosen ones can who through a internal process can actual see,sense,and or through emotions or radar detect and interpret the spirits that the skeptic can't see or hear.Although scientific research has in the past and present tried with technology to verify this phenomenas and I believe in the not so far future will be able to confirm this process to be a fact , have been unable to so .Could certain people who are sensative to this phenomena of seeing the paranormal could it be that the Psychic brain wave be wired differently that that of an average person or could all of us have that ability.It's possible that the human race ,in it's self be acceptable to these patterns of recognition but refuse to accept or maybe that ability is behind a wall deep in our mind.Things that goes bump in the night that can't be explained away-The aspect of the human perception is ,if you can't see it ,there for it's not there !Right ? or is it -


When the human body dies , what we were still lingers it's energy the integrel essences portion is here it just transforms.Despite the lack of a body,does it continue to exist here in the physical world ?Or is the spiritual realm and our physical world exist on top of one another ? Maybe we exist side by side this would explain a lot to us ! But these are all theories and what really exist and how is still a mystery.Can the dead interact with the living and what could we learn from them.

Now here it comes Although there are many individual paranormal researchers they are all divide by different beliefs and views. We can make tremendous strides in our field if we unite ,share our experiences and evidence and put forth a proper procedures and establishing a mutual understanding with both the metaphysical and scientific world and dedicate to discovering the truth about he paranormal phenomenas.Only then will the answers be found ,we must truely unite and make this dedication to collaberation

Don Ford  VIPS Founder/Director

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